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Sakai Ayumi - Kanashimi wo Itoshisa de [Single]

Sakai Ayumi (阪井 あゆみ)

1st SINGLE - [320 kbps]

1. Kanashimi wo Itoshisa de
2. re-set
3. Kanashimi wo Itoshisa de (Inst.)
4. re-set (Inst.)

I love this girl's song!
word on the net is that she's a popular CanCam model.
i never read it, but she is pretty :D

so i could NEVER find this single and it was bothering the heck out of me.
but i finally did and now i've uploaded it
i've already done the lyrics to the A-side in a previous post.
maybe i'll do the B-side when i have free time.
please comment, and give me opinions ;D


Tags: 320, kanashimi wo itoshisa de, single
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